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“Antica Pizzeria” is a leading Italian manufacturer of premium, high-quality ,stone-baked, deep-frozen pizzas, bread-snacks, and bruschettas. Our range of products includes the following :

- Dough for making Italian –style pizza;
- Traditional Italian pizzas ( thin, small, large, maxi ,bases);
- Pizza slices ( deep-pan-baked, thick-crust, rectangular pizza slabs to be individually sliced);
- Traditional Italian calzoni ( small pizza pockets with filling);
- Bruschetta ( small and large);
- Traditional Italian pizza bases (ready to be garnished to taste);
- Traditional Italian rustica (thin pizza sandwich with a filling ).

Our high-quality products are especially directed to any catering business ( restaurants, pizzerias, bistrots, pubs, cafes, canteens, fast-food parlours, etc..), and can be prepared oven-fresh with no need for qualified staff or professional pizza chefs. They are much quicker to prepare, cook and serve than the traditional ones. Potential product loss/wastage is also kept to the bare minimum, since even after defrosting all products may be safely stored away for a few days in the refrigerator until final preparation. In particular, our pizza bases can be prepared with a great variety of ingredients and match very well not only with salty topping but also with sweet recipes. This flexibility enables the Chef to change the daily menu as much as she likes. Special conditions and/or made-to-order products and/or packaging may be discussed and agreed upon on mutually satisfying terms.

Why prefer Antica Pizzeria’s pizzas and rustici ?

Discover 5 good reasons
for choosing Antica Pizzeria’s pizzas and rustici

1. How much is it important to offer always the same high quality pizza ?

1) The constant quality of the pizzas satisfies the customers’ expectations in terms of the goodness of the product. Clients come back regularly into your pizzeria contributing to increase your sales for about 20-30% per year.

2. How much is it important to give a fast service in the rush hour ?

2) Fast service in the rush hour determines the real profit for your pizzeria. Higher the number of pizzas served per each hour higher is the daily profit. With the cooking time reduction of about 50%, sales double with the same fixed cost rate.

3. How much is it important to be not dependent on a pizza-chef?

3) There is no need for a very skilled pizza-chef. This qualified manpower saving could be worth between € 3.000 and € 4.000 per month!

4. How much is it important to have an excellent preservation ?

Excellent preservation means no waste ! The saving associated with the preservation contributes to increase the profit margin by 10-20%. The benefit is because you use only what you need

5. How much is it important to have a very good profit margin?

5) The profit margin with regard to the cost of the purchase is very good ! The difference between the price of sale and the cost of the product could be worth over 300%!!

If all of this is really important, please CALL US !

We would be delighted to try together our solutions for your pizzeria.


Dough balls

The best product for those professionals who want to roll out the dough ball at the preferred rising level and maintain a long preservation.

Pizza bases

For those professionals who want to be quick an flexible at the same time. Ready to be garnished as preferred, cooked and served in less than 5 minutes.


The max of speed for the service. Just bake and serve in about 3 minutes.

Rectangular deep - pan pizza slabs

Ready to be garnished and baked. Ready in few minutes

Pizza sandwich with a filling

The most delicious and quick snack products available with various fillings.


Equipments for pizzerias

Antica Pizzeria, has a wide range of equipment for the pizzeria and restaurants: tables and cabinets, desks for pizza that is neutral chilled. Electric ovens in stainless steel with a refractory material and insulated with rock wool evaporated. Schiacciapizze: press designed for the preparation of discs of pizza. Mixers 10, 20, 30 Kg


The best information available to make the highest quality pizza!

- The History of Pizza
- Food education
- The importance of pizza for the nutritional values
- Flours, yeast, water, salt and malt
- Dough methodologies
- Topping techniques: traditional, white and with fruits
- Deep-pan pizza
- Heating sources and cooking techniques
- Equipment innovation
- Techniques of pizza serving and presentation

Teacher : Gabriele Marchesin

via L. Zecchetto, 14
30020 La Salute di Livenza (VE)

tel. +39.0421 290511
fax +39 0421 891007

p.i. : 03256160270
Cap. Soc. € 50.000,00 i.v.
Reg. Imp. VE 03256160270
R.E.A. 293361

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